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4 basic tips for your online marketing

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Are you already using different tools for the online marketing for your business? If not, here are some basic tips to start implementing your online marketing strategy. The only condition for using these tips, is that your business has its own website!

1. Put your business on the map! Literally.
Ensure your company is being found by signing up for Google My Business and making your business location visible in Google Maps. Read here why this is essential.

2. What is the reach of your business website?
Measure and monitor the results of your website with Google Analytics. Would you like to know why and how? Read our blog.

3. Improve the online findability of your business.
You do this by making your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proof. Does your website contain a meta description and keywords? Are all images provided with alt tags? Discover the advantages of SEO.

4. Do you have a small budget left for online advertising?
Create a Google AdWords account to create online awareness for your company via display advertising. Read more about the endless possibilities of online advertising via AdWords.

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You do not (yet) have a website for your business? Facebook is of course a great alternative to enlarge the online presence of your company. Ensure your company page looks professional, you post regularly to engage with your followers and react on time to messages of (potential) clients. Don’t know how to do this? Outsource your social media management and webcare to us! Please contact us for more information.