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Facebook Features Targeting & Retargeting

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The demand for people with social media marketing skills has risen and is projected to continue growing at a fast clip, as more businesses move their marketing spending from traditional to targeted social media advertisements.

If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, you’ll know that it’s extensive and complicated. If you’ve ever been targeted by Facebook ads yourself, you’ll know it’s like someone is looking over your shoulder. And, if you have ever tried Facebook advertising for your company, you’ll know it’s cost effective and efficient. The thing is, Facebook advertising is based on finding the audiences that are most likely to become your fans or your customers, because the targeting options focus directly on users and profiling potential customers in order to get results. As you can imagine, Facebook targeting is one of the most powerful features Facebook offers.

It allows businesses to target specific audiences with parameters like: demographics, needs, habits, interests and much more. Segmentation of your target audience is of vital importance. You can easily focus your advertising to various combinations of target groups. However the real value in social media marketing is the ability to target an audience with specific interests and behaviors. By focusing on specific\ live events, you can capture your customers at the perfect purchase point in the sales channel. Once you have been able to pinpoint your optimum target audience at the right moment, you’re ready for takeoff! Soon you’ll reap the rewards at a fraction of the traditional advertising costs.

Some other useful features offered by Facebook include: Facebook’s ‘Custom Audiences’ which allows you to remarket your website audience. Let’s say that someone visits your website after clicking on a Facebook Ad, but doesn’t complete an action, such as subscribing for your services or making a purchase, Facebook has enabled a feature that allows you to capture that person’s attention again. Start exploring its marketing potential by installing the Facebook tracking pixel and see for yourself. Or what about Facebook’s ‘Look Alike Audiences’? Find people who are likely to be interested in your business, and are similar to your current fans. As you can see, there’s a lot going on in social media world but we promise you: with the investment of your time and a good read, you’ll be excited when you start reviewing your first results!