Kura Hulanda Village

Kura Hulanda is a unique neighborhood formerly operating as ‘Hotel Kura Hulanda’. It currently is being restored to a small village including a hotel, bars & restaurants and a lively residential area. Located in downtown Willemstad, the property is part of UNESCO, preserving the historical aspect of the buildings and Curacao.

Within this project our team is responsible for the rebranding, strategy & execution.


McDonald’s is the leading global food service retailer with over 36000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world. Our team knows how to work with strict global guidelines and develops all marketing materials for McDonald’s Curacao, Aruba & Trinidad/Tobago.


In 2016 Starbucks Curacao opened its second filial. A plan was needed to create awareness & visibility for the new location and attract visitors, but at the same time keep existing customers informed and updated.

Social Lemons came up with a strategy to bring the location and brand to life in the heads of the target audience. Especially when it comes to a lifestyle product as Starbucks: custom content tells your story.


Our utility provider was making a shift from offline to online marketing with the introduction of MiKuenta. An application to review your energy and water consumption online, receive your monthly bill via email and pay your bill online. Social Lemons was tasked with the strategy: how to stimulate people to sign up for the application and prove effectiveness and cost efficiency of social media ads.

Renaissance Aruba

Social Lemons was responsible for the development of a brand activation campaign for the Renaissance Aruba hotel & casino. Their goal? Increased engagement & attracting a new fanbase from new destinations.

We developed a fun & creative campaign that kept our audience interested. How? Due to the mix of some powerful elements: recognition, a game element, appealing content & a great incentive.

Chogogo Dive & Beach resort

Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort was founded in 1997 as the first beach resort in the Jan Thiel Bay area. In 2021 Chogogo Dive & Beach resort opened its doors on the beautiful island of Bonaire. Social Lemons started cooperating with Chogogo as its full service marketing communication agency. Due to the expansion of the activities on islands abroad,  new goals and visions; Social Lemons was given the assignment for the rebranding of the corporate identity. Review the results here.